Relaxation and Passion

There is power in simplicity.

When you are looking for a way to express your deepest emotions, or if you want to create a definite mood for a nice evening, Vetiver Les Cayes is the key that performs this task in perfection.

This modern candle made with genuine all natural Vetiver creates the romantic aphrodisiac scent which softens the senses and sparkles your energy.

It’s without a doubt the missing element to your great moment.

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Romantic Evening
Enhance your special mood with a candle light option that also provides a calming scent that compliments that special evening.
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Deep Relaxation
Transform your daily meditation practice and experience soothing and deep relaxation.
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Modern Decor
Amplify your home or special sanctuary with the perfect modern and sustainable element that adds that magical touch to your unique interiors.

Genuinely close to nature

All natural Haitian Vetiver and Lime essential oil combined in a premium black 8 oz concrete container. Our candles are hand poured and packaged in eco-friendly materials. Vetiver is a perennial grass from which an essential is extracted that creates a warm scent with leather and smoky notes.

  • All natural Haitian Vetiver and Lime essential oil
  • Premium black concrete 8 oz container
  • Soy wax candle
  • Elastic band black rubber
  • eco-friendly package
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“Each time I light up my Vetiver Les Cayes candle, the Lime+Vetiver scent provides a soothing and tranquil mood that allows me to unwind from my daily fast pace life.”
Jeffrey Brown

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