Vetiver Les Cayes +
Preferred Fragrance

They set the bar even higher to push the boundaries of the fragrance & beauty industry through design, ideation-to-market turnaround time and retailer growth.

Vetiver Les Cayes +

The company specializes products from the Caribbean’s most aromatic plant derivatives. Their women’s cooperative produced our handmade soap bars.

Vetiver Les Cayes +


Haiti and U.S. based artisan collective with some of the best talents in the Caribbean. Delivering hand-picked quality products is ARTisANETWORK motto.


Our partners

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Vetiver Les Cayes +
Unikode, S.A.

Unikode is a group of young entrepreneurs that developed expertise in establishing sustainable and equitable production of Vetiver in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Vetiver Les Cayes +
Quiet About

Our debut candle collection and signature scents were developed with Quiet About, that believes that “with simplicity comes room for more creativity and freedom.”

Vetiver Les Cayes +
Atelier Calla

Haiti-based artisan workshop specializing in the production of home goods made of wood and horn. Atelier Calla produces with one philosophy in mind: create timeless pieces that will be cherished for a lifetime.


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